Schneider EVLink EV230PSR Single Charger - Pedestal

$ 1,950.00

Part of Schneider Electric’s complete line of EVlink Charging solutions, the EVlink full 30 Amp, Level 2 Outdoor - Pedestal Mount Charging Station offers users easy access to convenient and faster electric vehicle charging while on the go. This pedestal mounted EVlink charger supports compatibility with any EV entering the market, as well as safety and durability from the company that brings you Square D brand products. This product charges 2-4 times faster than plugging into a standard 110 Volt outlet.

  • Charges 2-4 times faster than plugging into a standard 110 Volt outlet
  • Society of automotive engineers (SAE) J1772 compatible allowing EVlink users to connect to any J1772 plug electric vehicles entering the market
  • Advanced safety features better protect users; EVlink chargers include integral ground fault protection
  • Auto restart feature ensures your car will continue to charge after a power outage or fault automatic shut-off at 100 percent charge
  • User-friendly LED indicator lights shows when vehicle is charging or requires attention
  • Durable and intuitive pedestal design allows for easy installation
  • 18 ft. Cable and connecter plugs into any electric vehicle entering the market today
  • Connector dock protects plug and helps to better organize cable
  • Output current: 30 Amp continuous
  • Input/output voltage: 208/240 Volt AC
  • Pedestal enclosure dimensions: 12.87 in. x 56.00 in. H x 7.83 in. D

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