Schneider EV230PDRACNG (Non-gateway) ChargePoint Enabled - Dual Charger Pedestal Mount

$ 6,200.00

EVlink full 30 Amp, level 2 Outdoor -

Dual Charger Pedestal Mount - ChargePoint Networked Enabled

Easy and convenient charging 

  • Networked NonGateway Station (*)
  • Charges 2-4 times faster than plugging into a standard 110 Volt outlet
  • Society of automotive engineers (SAE) J1772 compatible allowing EVlink users to connect to any J1772 plug electric vehicles entering the market
  • Advanced safety features better protect users; EVlink chargers include integral ground fault protection
  • Auto restart feature ensures your car will continue to charge after a power outage or fault automatic shut-off at 100 percent charge
  • User-friendly LED indicator lights shows when vehicle is charging or requires attention
  • Durable and intuitive pedestal design allows for easy installation
  • 18 ft. Cable and connecter plugs into any electric vehicle entering the market today
  • Connector dock protects plug and helps to better organize cable
  • Output current: 30 Amp continuous
  • Input/output voltage: 208/240 Volt AC
  • Pedestal enclosure dimensions: 12.87 in. W x 56.00 in. H x 7.83 in. D


*Networked Stations require a Network License - Non Gateway stations require to work with a Gateway station, not alone.

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