Webasto TurboDock Single Charger (Wall-Mounted or Pedestal with 20' Cable)

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TurboDock:  Includes 36 month parts warranty.             


  • Cord Length Available:  20’
  • Available in : Single Pedestal, Dual Pedestal, Triple Pedestal, Quad Pedestal, Single Wall Mount and Dual Wall Mount
    • Modular design allows the flexibility to add additional TurboDock Modules (charging heads) to an existing pedestal or wall mount at a later date.
      • Maximum of 2 chargers per wall mount and a maximum of 4 chargers per pedestal mount.
  • Outdoor rated and may be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Level 2, 16amp, 240v
  • Controlled access via a phone app. 
    • 10 access codes per charger –  when managed with android cell phone 
    • 20 access codes per charger –  when managed with for iPhone 
  • Open access capabilities – will allow anyone to use it without an access code.
  • No monthly or annual management fees
  • No servicing required
  • MSRP