Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model S

Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model S

  • $ 419.00


DCS33 Reverse Terminal Internally threaded battery compatible with all years TESLA Model S.

Drop-in replacement for; DCS-33 UNCR, DCS-33RIT, 1083774-00-A

Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model 3

 4 years full-replacement warranty

Proprietary 12V Lithium cell and BMS technology that is a drop-in replacement to your existing battery (no firmware changes needed)

Battery Management System prevents damage to battery in extreme situations and also balances the battery cells to maintain the pack for longer service life!
>30Ah true Lithium capacity on 5hrs discharge test (more aggressive test than any Lead Acid test)
Easy to carry handle and only 9lbs weight

Why go Ohmmu?

1. Increased reliability

2. Longer lasting (more life)

3. Decreased weight

4. Increase capacity

5. Increase power (no voltage sag, better 12v performance, especially for subwoofers/amplifiers)

6. Less waste (less batteries being used and less material in each battery)

7. Increase efficiency (Ohmmu 12v charges and discharges at a higher efficiency than Lead Acid/OEM)