Schneider EVLink EV230WS Residential Charger - Free Custom Skins

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Schneider Electric’s EVlink EV Residential Charging Station.

Personalize your charging station with a custom skin or a photo of your choice. It comes standard with your purchase.

  • Make your EVlink charger uniquely yours with a custom skin, choose from over 600 designs or upload your favorite photo. Free with your purchase
  • Charges 2-4 times faster than plugging into a standard (110 Volt) home outlet
  • Easy to use, mountable holder better organizes the cable and keeps the plug clean
  • Sleek, minimalist design works well in any home
  • Auto restart feature ensures your car will continue to charge after a power outage or fault automatic shut-off at 100 percent charge
  • Technical support services for fast troubleshooting
  • User-friendly, segmented LED display shows if the vehicle is charging and for how long it has charged
  • Stop button and indicator lights identify if the charger is ready to use or requires attention
  • Delay button and indicator lights display if charging has been programmed for a later time and length of the delay
  • Delayed charging allows you to schedule charging for a set period of time to help reduce energy costs and environmental impact by charging during off-peak demand hours
  • 18 ft. cable and enclosure's clean, modern design easily mounts on stud, drywall or masonry wall
  • Charging access: unrestricted
  • 18 month warranty