Ohmmu Battery Lugs for TESLA Model S

Ohmmu Battery Lugs for TESLA Model S

  • $ 25.00


Pair of battery lug adapters for Internally threaded M8 to adapt to SAE clamp lugs.

Included with your TESLA from the factory, available here if you lost yours and need replacements

Battery Lugs, Model S

Why go Ohmmu?

1. Increased reliability

2. Longer lasting (more life)

3. Decreased weight

4. Increase capacity

5. Increase power (no voltage sag, better 12v performance, especially for subwoofers/amplifiers)

6. Less waste (less batteries being used and less material in each battery)

7. Increase efficiency (Ohmmu 12v charges and discharges at a higher efficiency than Lead Acid/OEM)