Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model 3

Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model 3

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Ohmmu 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model 3

B19 Reverse Terminal battery compatible with all years TESLA Model 3. Includes a 4-Year Full-Replacement Warranty.

Drop-in replacement for; B24LS, 85B24LS, 1129182-00-A, 1129182-00-B

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Why Ohmmu?
Longer Lifespan
On average, our lithium Tesla batteries last for more than twice the amount of cycles compared to lead acid batteries.

Power Output
Our lithium Tesla batteries not only last longer, but also retain a higher power level over the course of the battery’s lifespan compared to OEM models.

Less Weight
Our batteries weigh up to 60% less than those of our competitors.

Higher Efficiency
Studies have proven that lithium ion batteries compare favorably to lead acid batteries for stationary storage in off-grid energy systems, and lose less energy over time. Source

Less Toxicity
Lead acid batteries are one of the most toxic products on the planet and the recycling / manufacturing of these batteries has become a serious global concern. Many studies have been done highlighting this issue.