Electric Car Charging Stations Network Licenses

The network licenses are required for each new ChargePoint charging station. The license is per port so a dual chargers such as the CT4021, 2 licenses are required. 

  • Provide Driver Assistance: Drivers can locate charging stations along their route via a network map and can call the toll free number displayed on the station to access driver support services.
  • Generate Revenue: Choose to offer your EV charging services for free or for a fee. 
  • Provide High Reliability: Ensure your charging station is up and running while offsite. 
  • Advertise: Advertise your brand and build driver loyalty. *Only available on ChargePoint stations
  • Eliminate Energy Theft and Enhance Safety: Charging stations will only energize a charging session to recognized users.
  • Optimize Return on Investment and Measure Green Initiative Success: Access usage details, energy consumed data, station availability, and greenhouse gas savings trends. 
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