JuiceBox® Pro 75 WiFi-enabled Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Smart 75-Amp EV Charging Station (Level 2 EVSE) with 24-foot cable and Input Whip for Hardwire Installation

  • WiFi connected
  • High charging speed, 75A / 18 kW
  • Best-in-class smartphone connectivity

JuiceBox Pro 75 is a compact, high power, and fully ruggedized electric vehicle charging station (EVSE). It will automatically adjust to provide just as much power as your EV is able to accept.

  • High Power: JuiceBox Pro 75 can max out the charging rate of Tesla cars (Model S or X) with dual onboard chargers.

  • Smartphone Control: Control time of charge and monitor instantaneous power, amperage and more.

  • Notifications: Set up automatic notifications, e.g. start and end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, full charge by certain time.

  • Easy Access: Get access to your real-time and historical charging data on our website or through easy-to-use smartphone apps - Android or iOS.

  • Voice Control: Monitor, manage, and control your charging experience via voice commands on Amazon Echo / Alexa or Google Home.

  • Emissions Optimized: Optional JuiceNet Green feature minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions of charging an electric vehicle.

  • Earn Rewards: In applicable geographies, our JuicePoints Rewards Program allows you to maximize your use of renewable energy and minimize your contribution to grid congestion while charging your car – all while earning rewards for participating!

  • Hard-wired Installation: Note that to utilize the full 75 amp power capabilities of a JuiceBox Pro 75 requires a dedicated 100 amp circuit and a hard-wired installation. While you can also turn down the power using our smartphone app or web portal and charge at a lower rate, please verify that your home electrical panel has this capacity before ordering this high-powered version of our JuiceBox product line. We otherwise recommend the standard JuiceBox Pro 40.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated.

  • Made in the USA: From domestic and imported parts.