ChargePoint Network License - For Level 2 Stations

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This license is for the following "Level 2" stations: CPF25, CT4011, CT4013, CT4021, CT4023, CT4025, and CT4027.

**Purchase one network license per port on your stationComes in 1, 2, and 3-year options. Select the desired license from the drop-down menu.**

12 Key Features of the ChargePoint® Network

1. OCPP Capable: Native support for OCPP in ChargePoint
stations and an easy process to integrate other stations to
the ChargePoint Network using OCPP.

2. EMP & CPO Roaming: Seamless communication between
the driver, station and clearinghouse.

3. Station Locations & Availability: Complete visibility of
stations and their availability make it easy for drivers to
find a compatible charger.

4. Access Control: Manage and control access to charging
stations based on well-defined policies. Enhance the
value for the station owner with the right level of control.

5. Flexible Pricing: Provide the station owner with pricing
controls that are in line with station usage. Provide
flexibility to update pricing as usage changes.

6. Authorization, Authentication & Accounting: Ensure
safe and secure payment for charging. Security measures
include the pseudonymization and encryption of personal
data and other capable security measures that ensure the
ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience
of the network.

7. Power Management: Ensure that charging stations never
draw more power than the site can provide.

8. Driver Notifications: Notify EV drivers about station
availability, state of charge and other key messages to
enhance your relationship with drivers.

9. Queueing (Waitlist): Increase utilization of stations and
charge more vehicles by enabling drivers to get in a
virtual queue for stations.

10. Fleet Services: Integrate with fleet systems (fleet
management, route monitoring, etc) to provide critical
data and insights.

11. Station Support: ChargePoint responds quickly and
effectively to any situation that occurs at a station.

12. Scalability: Support the growth of stations worldwide.
Provide consistent, high-quality functionality without
any delays.