Chevy Bolt Hits The Market - BestEVChargers has a full range of DC Fast Chargers March 03 2017

The EV industry reaches the tipping point in 2017 with the launch of the Chevy Bolt. With a 235 mile range, the Chevy Bolt which is comparable price wise to the current 100 mile range vehicles but the range of a Tesla Model S. Later this year Tesla will start  the production of Model 3 which also has a 230 mile range. The 200+ mile range EV is now the new standard.
All car manufacturers are committed to EVs and we will see over 30 new EV models coming to the US car dealers in the next 2 years.

We expect an accelerated adoption of DC fast charging to allow EV drivers to go beyond the city limits and along major highways. Tesla built its own infrastructure to allow Tesla drivers to go from Los Angeles to New York. Now several other car manufacturers (Nissan, VW, BMW) are working to support the sale of their EVs. The VW settlement after the Dieselgate will bring funds at the State level to promote EV charging infrastructure as part of an emission mitigation project. Best EV Chargers offers a full range of fast DC chargers to support the 200+ mile range EVs.